Tuesday 13 October at 09:55

But after two operations and years of verbal therapy, the West Hampstead youngster has learnt to hear and speak on a par with his able classmates and is excelling at a mainstream school.

His inspirational story was recognised by judges and comic host David Baddiel at a national awards ceremony celebrating young people’s communication development, where he was highly commended in

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Monday 12 October

A drug-fuelled arsonist has been caught on camera as he launched a shocking petrol attack on the house of a deaf family while they slept in bed.

Michael Douglas was seen on the family's CCTV cameras as he poured a gallon of petrol on the driveway before his accomplice set the fuel alight.

It appears Douglas was paid to carry out the attack, which took place in

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Deafax has been at the forefront of technology since its inception in 1985. It exists to empower deaf people