Tuesday 01 September at 08:30

A woman hoping to be Australia's first deaf juror has lost a legal bid in Queensland's highest court.

Gaye Prudence Lyons, who can lip read but requires an Auslan interpreter to communicate, claimed she was discriminated against after being excluded from an Ipswich District Court jury in 2012.

It sparked a three-year legal battle that has been through numerous

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Monday 31 August

A paedophile who tried to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex has been jailed after he was caught out by a vigilante group.

Kenneth Walker, who is profoundly deaf, took a morning-after pill and a teddy bear with him to meet “Roxy” who he met online.

He also carried a blanket, a bottle of vodka, two cans of cider, baby wipes and condoms.

The 37-year-old

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