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Two new dramas commissioned by the BSLBT

Friday 5 July
Two new dramas commissioned by the BSLBT

- July 05 at 8:00 AM

The BSLBT are very pleased to announce that we have commissioned two programmes from the tender round which began in March.

We originally wanted one drama and one documentary. However, we were so impressed with the standard of two drama tenders that we decided to commission both of them.

The first commission, Tree Fairy, from Remark Media, is a Christmas story, combining a mixture of live action and animation.

Written by Rebecca Atkinson, directed by Louis Neethling and produced by Camilla Arnold, the film is set to be a magical production about a tiny fairy who helps Libby, an 8 year old deaf girl, to enjoy Christmas at home with her family.

Camilla Arnold said: "We are absolutely delighted to be commissioned for our first drama and to be working with CGI. We hope that Tree Fairy will be a beautiful, warm and revolutionary drama that will instill the spirit of Christmas in all who watch it."

The team are looking for an actor to play the lead role. If your daughter is between the age of 8-13, is deaf, uses sign language and is interested in acting, then please email your contact details to

Tree Fairy will be broadcast in December 2013.

The second commission, Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool, from Muttt & Jeff Pictures, is a comedy drama about four elderly Deaf men who go on holiday together.

This film will feature the characters who previously appeared in two hit YouTube short films. It will be written and directed by Charlie Swinbourne, and produced by Louis Neethling - who will also mentor Charlie on his directing debut for the BSLBT.

Louis Neethling said: "I'm delighted and excited about a new commission for a British Sign Language comedy from the BSLBT. I look forward to working with Charlie again, after collaborating with him on Departure Lounge and our previous short film, Coming Out."

Of the film, Charlie Swinbourne said: “This film will be very different from the first two short films – for a start the four men won't be sitting down all the time! But some things will stay the same – such as how often they argue and debate with each other!”

The film will be made in the North West of England and Mutt & Jeff Pictures are looking for people from the Deaf community who will help them to source locations and people for the production.

Louis Neethling said: "The goodwill and skills of the Deaf Community in the North West of England will help make this film happen. We'll be needing runners, supporting artists, crew, locations and much more.”