Aston Hearing Services names Hearing Link its Charity of the Year

Wednesday 18 November
Aston Hearing Services names Hearing Link its Charity of the Year

- November 18 at 5:30 AM

The UK-wide charity Hearing Link has been named Charity of the Year by Buckinghamshire-based Aston Hearing Services.

The independent, family-run business has been delivering high quality care for people with hearing loss for over 26-years; offering a range of services including hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting and micro suction.

It will support Hearing Link by raising funds through fundraising events and other items to generate income for the charity.  They will also raise awareness of the Hearing Link’s services for people with hearing loss including its specialist support programmes and helpdesk.

Hearing Link is a UK charity active in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern which provides information and support for people with hearing loss, their families and friends.

Kate Collet-Fenson of Aston Hearing Services, said: “We are proud to support Hearing Link as our Charity of the Year.  At Aston Hearing, we realise that for many people, being fitted with a hearing aid is only part of the solution to their hearing difficulties.   In supporting Hearing Link, we are demonstrating our commitment to helping people regain their confidence and communicate effectively with others after experiencing a hearing loss.

“We believe that the community support volunteers that Hearing Link provide are an invaluable service, as it connects hard of hearing people to an empathetic listener who can provide advice, emotional support and coping strategies.   Its understanding of the social issues surrounding hearing loss also aligns with Aston Hearing’s ethos of ‘happy hearing’; making it the perfect charity to support within our business.”

Dr Lorraine Gailey, Chief Executive of Hearing Link, said, “We are delighted to have been named Aston Hearing Services’ Charity of the Year. Together we can reach more people living with hearing loss in Buckinghamshire and making sure they can participate fully whatever their level of hearing.”

To find out more about Hearing Link or for further information about hearing loss, visit

For more information about Aston Hearing Services visit

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