NDCS respond to latest changes to DSA

Monday 7 December
NDCS respond to latest changes to DSA

- December 07 at 8:30 AM

The National Deaf Children’s Society’s response to the Government announcement that they will be going ahead with proposed changes to Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and leaving it up to universities to take ‘primary responsibility’ for many areas of support.

Susan Daniels, Chief Executive of the National Deaf Children’s Society said, “We are bitterly disappointed that the Government has announced it will cut Disabled Students Allowance, which is a lifeline for so many deaf students at university.

“We know that deaf students can achieve just as much as their hearing peers, but the right support must be in place. As it stands, we have no way of knowing if universities will pick up the cost of vital support staff. Deaf students desperately need support such as notetakers because they cannot lipread a lecturer or follow a sign language interpreter and take notes at the same time.

“Deaf young people are telling us they feel the Government is intent on making it more difficult for them to go to university. We strongly believe the Government must think again or guarantee safeguards will be in place to protect deaf students.”

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