Royal School for Deaf Children in Margate auctioning more than 600 lots of school property

Friday 18 March
Royal School for Deaf Children in Margate auctioning more than 600 lots of school property

- March 18 at 11:30 AM

Administrators for the Royal School for Deaf Children in Margate are auctioning off more than 600 lots of school equipment, vehicles and miscellaneous items.

It includes two pottery kilns, worth more than £5,000 each when new which have an opening bid price of £750.

The auctioneers say the Jaguar XJL car, listed with a starting price of £19,000, does not belong to the trust or school and has been put there from another auction to drum up further interest in it.

The decision to auction all the school’s property comes after an announcement in December that the Royal School for Deaf Children had closed. The John Townsend Trust, which ran the school, went into administration during the same month.

The joint administrators at FRP Advisory concluded at the time that the school, sixth form, and Westgate College could no longer be operated due to financial difficulties.

A statement from the Trust's joint administrators Geoff Rowley and Jason Baker, partners at FRP Advisory, said, “Following the closure of The Royal School for Deaf Children Margate and other of the Trust’s associated educational services, the joint administrators continue with their statutory duties to realise certain assets in the interest of creditors.”

Unusual items on the list also include 12 head mannequins and three hands, thought to have been used for teaching hairdressing and nail art.

The full hairdressing station can be purchased through a number of lots on the auction site ending on April 5.

Other items on the list put together by Lambert Smith Hampton, and featuring on the BidSpotter website, include a multi-use games area enclosure including the fencing and goals.

School equipment such as smart boards, projectors, school desks and chairs are also featured throughout the auction.

Some more specialist items, such as underwater running machines and bicycles, are also being sold. Whole bedrooms are being auctioned in lots which include everything in the room from the bed and wardrobe to washing machines and drugs cabinets.

Photo caption: 12 head mannequin are featured in a lot and thought to have been used for teaching hairdressing

Article source: Connor Dunn, Kent Online

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