Deaf Girly's Thankful Friday Column

Friday 8 July
Deaf Girly's Thankful Friday Column

Deaf Girly - July 08 at 9:30 AM

A thirty-something girl living in the big city, Deafinitely Girly gives a light-hearted but revealing account of living with a profound hearing loss. She contributes monthly to Hearing Times, but if you just can't wait for the next instalment and want to read more from Deafinitely Girly then visit her website:
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Israeli philanthropist donates to help

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New start up in Lebanon launches apps in USA

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Charity workers not guaranteed hours

Man loses five figure sum

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Cuts hit disabled people hardest

Rider raises funds for BTA

Dane Bray, Friday 13 September

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David Jaworski, Friday 2 August

David Jaworski, Friday 2 August

Sam Jason, Thursday 25 July

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