Monday 1 August

amplicomms - August 01 at 12:00 AM

We manufacture a wide range of assistive technology products and related accessories designed to improve quality of life for the elderly or those with hearing, visual or dexterity impairments.   
Our blog is designed to make readers aware of the benefits of assistive devices which can be used as aids to daily living for people with hearing loss.

shock Decision by owner to close the

Israeli philanthropist donates to help

A number of cold callers in Kent are

New start up in Lebanon launches apps in USA

National Theatre will provide glasses with

de Montfort launches video to explain the

Developed by Scottish Sensory Centre

Charity workers not guaranteed hours

Man loses five figure sum

Kidknapped acquaintance and hacked up her

Cuts hit disabled people hardest

Rider raises funds for BTA

David Jaworski, Friday 2 August

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