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Yate man has tumour removed after suffering hearing loss in one ear

Richard Burns praises Audiologist who discovered tumour which caused his hearing loss

Friday 27 January
Yate man has tumour removed after suffering hearing loss in one ear

Editor - January 27 at 07:00

Richard Burns from Yate in Gloucestershire who thought he was suffering from mild hearing loss has praised his audiologist after she spotted a tumour behind his right ear. Richard had visited hospital after suffering from hearing loss, but after being told there was nothing wrong he assumed it was just down to getting older. “After undergoing a number of tests in hospital and finding nothing, I had resigned myself to the fact that hearing loss was just a part of getting older,” said Richard. “My fiancée Debbie wasn’t convinced though and really pushed for me to go to Specsavers to get one more test and I am so lucky she did.”
Richard was seen at the Yate Specsavers store’s by an audiologist, who carried out a hearing test. Upon examination they realised that Richard had severe hearing loss on his right side and immediately referred him to his GP. Audiologist, Harley Stevens, said: “As soon as I tested Mr Burns and discovered that he was suffering from unilateral hearing loss, I knew that it was something far more sinister than a blockage or getting older. “It’s very unusual to have perfect hearing in one ear and severe hearing loss in the other.”
His doctor then referred him to a specialist at the BRI Hospital where he underwent a CT scan which revealed an egg sized tumour sitting on his right ear canal. He said “I couldn’t believe what they had found, if it wasn’t for Harley we would never have known it was there. I’ve had other tests in the past and nothing had been picked up.” After a number of specialist appointments and scans, Richard went in for surgery at the Southmead Hospital to remove the tumour, and was discharged 15 days later.
Unfortunately, Richard has lost all hearing in his right side after the surgeons had to remove the part of the ear canal that the non-cancerous tumour was sitting on. “The tumour was so big that the specialists think it had been there for 10 years. I no longer have any hearing in my right side, but that is a far better outcome than it could have been.” said Richard. He offers his thanks to Harley and encourages others to get a hearing test if they are having trouble hearing. Source:Gazette


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