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Harlow woman uses Facebook to broadcast songs she signs for deaf people

Tamara Hudson uses Facebook page "Tamara Signed Songs UK" to broadcast to the deaf community

Wednesday 15 February
Harlow woman uses Facebook to broadcast songs she signs for deaf people

Editor - February 15 at 07:00

A woman from Harlow has been working to create a bridge between deaf people and their access to music by signing out songs online. Tamara Hudson, 35, has created a Facebook page to run alongside the work that she voluntarily does at the Harlow Deaf Society.
"Music is something that everybody enjoys the feeling of and my signs interpret the song just as it is written through sign supported language," she said. "With British sign language, it cuts out all the little words whereas in sign supported English every word is interpreted. "Artists spend a lot of time on these songs and each word is so important. Using sign supported language, I think is what makes me different. "It allows me to help give deaf people full access to songs. "I am hoping to branch out into deaf discos and deaf parties." Mrs Hudson, who has worked as a postwoman for the Royal Mail for 15 years, has covered hits by the likes of Bruno Mars, Little Mix and AC/DC on her Facebook page which after being launched last month has almost 2,000 followers. "People from all over the world can use the page," she said. "Deaf people over in Germany may sign language differently but it helps through facial expressions."
Mrs Hudson, who was born in Harlow and still lives in the town, was inspired to offer something for deaf people having been the only hearing child in her family. She continued: "My mum, dad and older sisters are deaf. "I was born into a deaf family where sign language was my first language. "I said to my mum and sisters, right we need to set something up. "It's so important for people to learn sign language. I'm not saying that learning French or Spanish isn't just as important but you are more likely to meet a deaf person." The Harlow Deaf Society, where Mrs Hudson is organiser, was given almost £10,000 by the Big Lottery Fund. Speaking of the work that the society does, Mrs Hudson, said: "It gives people the chance to do things that they wouldn't normally do. "From first aid courses to self-defence and bingo, we meet on the first Saturday of every month at the Women's Institute Hall in Old Harlow."
To see more click Tamara Signed Songs UK.
Source: Essex Live


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