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Police BSL film for Deaf and hard of hearing people

Derbyshire Police explain emergemcy and non-emergency situations using BSL film

Friday 17 February
Police BSL film for Deaf and hard of hearing people

Editor - February 17 at 07:00

Police in Derbyshire are helping to launch a British Sign Language film to highlight the difference between emergency and non-emergency numbers for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing. The film shows different scenarios and gives advice on what is considered an emergency and which is not and how deaf people or those hard of hearing can contact the police using SMS texts across our region.
The film was funded by the force and directed and produced by a young volunteer from the British Deaf Association, Samuel Ash, who last year received a certificate from the Police and Crime Commissioner for his work.
Robin Ash, BDA Access and Inclusion Officer, said: "This project has been a huge learning curve for us all. To work in partnership with so many organisations, to share experience's and ideas, to involve the cultural element of our language and how information is delivered, the role-play and working within guidelines has benefitted us all. Working in partnership with the Deaf community, for them to participate is key and for them to be involved in the process."
Source: ITV News


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