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Deaf drug dealer who was stabbed is spared prison

Simon Towers given a suspended sentence and drug rehabilitation at Court appearance

Thursday 2 March
Deaf drug dealer who was stabbed is spared prison

Editor - March 02 at 06:30

A deaf drug dealer was caught by police after he was stabbed three times during a deal, a court heard. Simon Towers was knifed twice in the back and once to the arm when he was about to deal cannabis to a man called "Fat Boy" on May 11 last year.
Nottingham Crown Court heard on Tuesday how Towers escaped to his grandmother's home in Arnold and dumped ten ounces of cannabis and a mobile phone in a hedge near her front door. Police attended and smelt the drugs in the hedge and arrested Towers. The man referred to as "Fat Boy" - and was not identified in the case - pleaded guilty to robbery and was locked up for six years, while Towers was prosecuted for possessing cannabis with intent to supply. After pleading guilty, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC's words were signed to Towers outside the dock by a British sign language interpreter, who broke the news to him he was not going to prison. The judge gave a tearful Towers a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, drug rehabilitation for nine months, probation supervision and 15 rehabilitation days. And he told the 28-year-old: "You have difficulties because of your non-hearing and that in some ways has isolated you from your family and from the community. "But seeking to bridge that deficit by using drugs quite simply is not the right thing to do. "People, whether they are hearing or non-hearing, sometimes think that cannabis is just a recreational drug and it doesn't matter. They are wrong. It is a psychotic drug. It is an addictive drug. And it leads to misery for many, many people. It nearly led to death for you. "I hope that you have paused and thought long and hard about how lucky you are to be alive and I hope that memory will abide with you for the rest of your life".
Towers, of Rigley Drive, Southglade, had the 10 ounces of cannabis in six separate bags of one ounce, two ounce or four ounce deals, estimated to be worth between £1,900 and £2,670. The mobile phone police recovered had text messages suggesting he would pick drugs up from Derby, messages asking if he was supplying drugs and outgoing message advising he had cannabis to sell in ounce values.
Source: Nottingham Post


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