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Hard of Hearing MP fights to stave off closure of hearing service in Scotland

Ron Sturrock who is profoundly hearing impaired is campaigning to keep Help to Hear service open in Tayside

Monday 6 March
Hard of Hearing MP fights to stave off closure of hearing service in Scotland

Editor - March 06 at 22:00

Ron Sturrock, who is standing for the Scottish Conservatives in Montrose and District in the Angus Council election, is supporting the charity Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s efforts to secure funding to prevent the closure of its monthly Hear to Help support sessions in Links Health Centre. Hear to Help volunteers, who have been trained by NHS Tayside audiology department to clean or re-tube service users’ NHS hearing aids, provide support for 600 people across Angus.
The service also provides new hearing aid batteries and a range of information about assistive equipment such as amplified phones, TV listeners and vibrating / flashing alarms, which can make everyday life easier for people with hearing loss. Grants from small trusts and charitable donations have kept Hear to Help running over the last three years but the service is now under threat of closure. The charity fears that, without securing new funding for 2017/18, the monthly drop-in sessions in Links Health Centre will not continue beyond Spring. The charity has contacted Angus Health and Social Care Partnership to seek advice about how to apply for up to the £17,000 that is needed to prevent the service from closing.
Ron Sturrock, who is profoundly deaf and uses hearing aids, said: “I am very concerned about how the pending closure of Hear to Help in Montrose will impact on especially older people in our communities who receive local hearing aid support so that they don’t need to travel to hospital. “Hear to Help provides a convenient and knowledge service about the full range of support that is available for people with hearing loss – including equipment to make listening to the telephone and television much easier. “I urge Angus Health and Social Care Partnership to make every effort to find the funding to save this wonderful service from closure.”
Teri Devine, Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s Head of Services, said: “Many of our Hear to Help service users are older people who have mobility difficulties or other long-term conditions and they’ll be devastated if our drop-in sessions in Montrose are closed. “We thank Ron Sturrock for recognising the positive impacts of our Hear to Help service in the everyday lives of people with hearing loss in Montrose and we appreciate his support for our efforts to keep our much-loved service running.”
Source: Montrose Review


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