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Porthcawl pupils raise money for charity

Hannah Jenkins a student with hearing loss organises charity fund raising event

Friday 31 March
Porthcawl pupils raise money for charity

Editor - March 31 at 06:00

Pupils at Porthcawl Comprehensive School are all ears – after pledging to raise money for Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, which supports Welsh people who are deaf, have hearing loss, or tinnitus. The school raised £172 for the charity at its Christmas carol concert and is now planning to support the charity throughout the rest of 2017.
Action on Hearing Loss Cymru will continue to visit the school throughout the year, providing information on technology to help students with hearing loss in the classroom, as well as sessions on the social and emotional effects of hearing loss. The fundraising effort was organised by Hannah Jenkins, a student at the school who has hearing loss herself. Hannah said: “Having hearing loss myself I know how hard it can be – especially in a busy, noisy, school environment. I’m really looking forward to the charity coming to the school for deaf-awareness sessions as it makes such a difference when people know to do the little things to communicate with you.” Pupils at the school have also pledged to take part in some of the charity’s fundraising challenges, including an abseil and fire walk.
Richard Williams, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, said: “We’re very grateful to everyone at Porthcawl Comprehensive School who contributed to the collection and especially to Hannah for organising it. “The earlier we can educate people about the benefits of being deaf-aware the better, and we hope the pupils at Porthcawl Comprehensive will go on to be ambassadors in their local community.” To find out more about the charity’s work in Wales, or to sign up for one of their upcoming fundraising challenges, visit
Source:Barry today


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