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Deaf father injures police in communication void

John Lafferty injures two policeman in scuffle with his daughter after a family party in Glasgow

Monday 12 June
Deaf father injures police in communication void

Editor - June 12 at 07:30

Two police officers suffered a dislocated shoulder and a sprained wrist between them after a man attempted to wrestle them off his daughter after a family party. John Lafferty and Rebecca Lafferty were sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court after an incident which left the two officers requiring hospital treatment.
The court heard that police were called out to a large scale disturbance on Duke Street with 30 to 40 people out on the street. The gathering was the aftermath of a family party and officers started to attempt to move people away from the crowd. One was the accused, Rebecca who was being restrained. John, 47, the father of 22-year-old Rebecca saw what was happening and reacted. However, being deaf since birth, police were unable to explain the situation to him in the midst of a tense atmosphere. The father then tried to pull officers from his daughter which led to him struggling violently with four of them. During the struggle an officer’s shoulder was dislocated and another’s wrist was sprained. The daughter Rebecca was handled by an officer when she tried to get up. This led to the accused swinging back her elbow and hitting the officer on the head. They were eventually restrained.
Rebecca Lafferty admitted that on April 24 last year on Duke Street, at its junction with Whitevale Street, she assaulted a police officer by striking her head with her elbow to her injury and attempting to punch her on the head. John Lafferty admitted that on the same day last year, at the same place, he resisted, obstructed or hindered two police officers when they were trying to restrain his daughter by attempting to break Rebecca Lafferty free from their hold and struggled with them. He also admitted that on the same day at the same place he resisted, obstructed or hindered four police officers by struggling violently with them and causing injury to two of them. The defending solicitor said Rebecca was trying to reach her dad to get him home and the situation escalated as the situation wasn’t adequately communicated to her father.
John Lafferty was ordered to pay £200 compensation to each officer he injured. Rebecca Lafferty was ordered to pay £200 to the officer she injured.
Source:Evening Times


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