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New lipreading website launched in Hampshire

Lip reading stories website provides 5 minute clips to enable readers with hearing loss practice their lip reading

Friday 30 June
New lipreading website launched in Hampshire

Editor - June 30 at 07:00

An innovative resource to help those with hearing loss has launched from Hampshire. A group of lipreading tutors, lipreaders and writers have joined forces to develop ‘Stories for Lipreading’ - a website which uses short stories to help people with hearing loss practice their lipreading skills. Click here to access the website.
The site provides films of short stories being read aloud by trained tutors accompanied by printable sheets so users can choose how much support they need. Sandy Marlow, a lipreading tutor and one of the project's founders, said: "Opportunities to practice lipreading at one’s own pace are hard to come by. "Lipreading classes can be difficult to access for a variety of reasons, including scarcity of provision. "In Hampshire, the situation is good compared to some other areas, but even for those already attending a class, it can be hard to find ways to practice, except in the hurly-burly of everyday life. "There are surprisingly few online resources which are free of charge and in English, and those are intended mainly for beginners. "Our site aims to help fill this gap so that those with hearing loss, especially those who already have some experience of lipreading who can develop their skills in the comfort of their own homes."
Team member Annabel Hervey-Bathurst, who suffers from hearing loss herself, said it was a lipreader from Winchester who was unable to leave her home which sparked the idea for the website. "I was sad that one of my friends from our Winchester lipreading class had to miss so many lessons through ill-health and thought that there must be a way of creating something for her to be able to practice at home," she said. "I was sure that, in this age of technology, it would be possible to do something to help. "People with hearing loss often suffer from other health problems, too, and can have difficulties with mobility, as well as isolation and depression, so I hope that lots of people will be able to enjoy accessing these stories from home."
Through Nicky Morris, a creative writing tutor at Peter Symonds College in Winchester, the Stories for Lipreading team contacted local creative writing groups. One of the first to respond was Winchester author Kath Whiting. She said: ‘I'm so pleased to have had my story chosen and excited to be part of this project. "The parameters are an excellent challenge for me." The site is now adding new stories on a regular basis and writers can contribute by visiting the Stories for Lipreading website.
Source:Hampshire Chronicle


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