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Rayovac team up with DMU Charity initiative in India

Rayovac donate 6000 batteries to De Montfort Square mile project in Gujarat

Friday 11 August
Rayovac team up with DMU Charity initiative in India

Editor - August 11 at 07:00

Launched in February 2016, Square Mile India is a series of projects sharing the skills of De Montfort University (DMU) students and staff to make a positive change for thousands of people, adding an overseas dimension to the university’s Square Mile project, and involving DMU’s pioneering international experience programme #DMUglobal. Drawing upon DMU research to support Indian communities and giving students the chance to gain valuable global experience, the initiative is set to make a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable families in the region of Gujarat, India’s westernmost state.
Square Mile India projects have included the following initiatives
- Providing health outreach to hundreds with eyesight and hearing problems in Gujarat
- Developing new projects with partner universities, organisations and charities in India
- Creating global internships for 80 Indian students at DMU
Dalit children are impoverished and excluded from society, facing discrimination every day of their lives. As an institution dedicated to the public good, DMU is supporting the future of these children, and other underprivileged groups in the region. Rayovac, the world’s number one hearing aid battery manufacturer, has donated 6000 of its hearing aid batteries in support of this project. Rayovac, a division of Spectrum Brands Inc, donated the batteries to De Montfort University’s (DMU) Global/Square Mile Free Hearing Screening Trip to India, a charity initiative designed to create better access to hearing care for some on the country’s poorest people. The initiative saw DMU students and staff visit India to lend support at hospitals and charities across the country. More than 300 children and adults were screened for hearing conditions in the four day visit, with more than 100 people eventually fitted for hearing aids and given Rayovac batteries to power them.
Wendy Stevens, Senior Lecturer at DMU, said: “Our trip was very successful. The students learned a lot through the visit and at the same time we made a real difference to the lives of many of the people we encountered. None of this would have been possible without the very generous donation of batteries from Rayovac. We are so very grateful.”
Paula Brinson-Pyke, Marketing Director at Rayovac, said: “We were delighted to support the University’s mission to India by providing a battery donation and so pleased that the visit was a fantastic success. “The students’ trip to India was not only very worthwhile, but also very much in line with our wider charitable goals. As well as manufacturing batteries, we strive to help people from around the world to enjoy better access to hearing care.” Rayovac’s ongoing charity projects span Europe, Africa and Asia, and include regular support for UK charity Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and German charity, Deutschen Schwerhorigenbundes (DSB). The manufacturer has also donated batteries to Hark, Africa; SOS Children’s Village in Malawi and the Hörgerätebatterien project, Chernobyl.
Founded in 1906, Rayovac has more than 100 years of experience with battery innovation and development. The manufacturer has recently become the first in the world to halt the use of mercury in any of its hearing aid batteries.
Source: Rayovac


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