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Scammers pretending to be deaf targetting Kent

A number of cold callers in Kent are claiming to be deaf and are targetting the old and vulnerable

Tuesday 10 October
Scammers pretending to be deaf targetting Kent

Editor - October 10 at 7:30 AM

The latest incidents occurred yesterday evening in Mayfield and Heathfield. These are the 'most violent areas' in East Grinstead according to police Pensioner Philip Bell said he opened the door to a "youngish man" at around 7.40pm. "He indicated he was deaf. I did not have an exchange with him," said Mr Bell, 69. "He pulled a plastic card out of his pocket - which was ID size - but I was suspicious. It was getting on to around 8 in the evening." Mr Bell said the man had approached his North Street home through a dark alleyway and Royal Oak Mews - where a number of elderly and vulnerable people were known to live. Another Mayfield resident, Paul Thomson who runs the village's Facebook group said he had been targeted and had also received a number of calls from people bothered yesterday evening.
Dad of two, Mr Thomson said the man looked "pleasant enough" when he knocked on his Old Bank home. He added: "Knocking on my door until he answered really didn't enamour my wife too much. She pretty much closed the door on him after saying about it being too late." Sussex Police said scammers are increasingly targeting the old and vulnerable and warned people not to hand over money to anyone they did not know and trust. Latest figures show one in five people fall victim to fraud each year and nearly half of all adults have been targeted by fraudsters. Source:Kent Times

Julie Ansderson, Friday 10 May

This post about scams was FANTASTIC! First I wanted to steal your name, now I just want to steal you. .


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