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Hearing Times to close

shock Decision by owner to close the publication

Friday 3 November
Hearing Times to close

Editor - November 03 at 7:00 AM

Hearing Times is to close with immediate effect.  Hearing Times' owner told staff on Friday that he was closing down the site with immediate effect.  The reasons for closure were that the lack of advertising support and the need for considerable investment in refreshing an outdated website format. 
We would like to thanks all supporters of Hearing Times for their contributions over the years.
Hearing Times Team

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It's unfortunate for the deaf community that a resource as good as Hearing Times had to close. If any of the former contributers are looking for a way to get their content out, the Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries website is always looking for articles about hearing aid batteries, advice for hearing aid wearers, living with hearing loss and deaf culture. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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Bela Anjani, Wednesday 27 June

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shock Decision by owner to close the

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