Deafness and Technology - Making Communication Easier

Thursday 10 November

Deafness and Technology- Making Communication Easier

Even with hearing aids, a feelingof isolation from friends and family can occur when it’s difficult tocommunicate with others. However, nowadays there is a variety of technology onhand to support people in some situations covering all aspects to help witheveryday situations.  Below aresome examples of what products are available to help ensure inclusion, whateveryour level of hearing loss. 

Amplified Listeners

A personal listener is a wirelessamplified device that helps you hear sound sources such as TV more clearly –whether you have a hearing aid or not. These devices are comfortable to use around your home.  They can be directly connected to yourTV, Stereo or other listening equipment. They amplify the sound and transmit it directly to your ears throughheadphones (if you don’t use hearing aids), or via inductive neck loop if youdo. 

Some listeners are designed for use with hearing aids featuring a builtin close proximity microphone to alternate between TV transmission, and area conversationwith others in the room, muting the sound source such as TV, when themicrophone is activated by a press of a button.  

Amplified Domestic Telephones  

If you have difficulty hearing thephone ring, or the caller speaking, and adjusting the volume isn’t making adifference an amplified telephone can help to make the callers voice louder andclearer.  These phones have anextra-loud ringer and tone control, often with a built-in flashing light toattract your attention when the phone rings.  Most of these phones will be hearing aid compatible, whichmeans you can hear more clearly using the loop setting.  Amplification on some phones can deliver a hearing volume ofup to +60dB – that’s 1000 times louder than a standard phone!

Amplified Mobile Phones

There are a good range of mobilephones with a variety of ringtones to choose from, with extra loud ringervolume and amplified calls.  Manymodels also feature a powerful vibrating alert when they ring.

Some amplified mobiles featureBluetooth, and will connect to a hearing aid fitted with the same feature,improving sound remarkably.  Youcan also buy Bluetooth neck loops to enjoy wireless hands free callsor hear GPS navigation systems.

Alerting Devices

If you have difficulty hearing thedoorbell, alarm clock or phone ringing, your smoke alarm or your baby crying,you can get equipment that is extra loud, uses flashing lights and/or vibratesusing pad for use under your pillow.

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