Fun in the Sun–How to Care for Your Hearing Aid’s and Batteries this summer

Sunday 9 July

Whether you are camping with friends in the United Kingdom or relaxing on a beach in Greece, consider these hearing care tips so you can get the most from your batteries!
Hearing aids and their batteries perform differently depending on their surrounding environments especially during the warm summer months. Rayovac have created some smart tips on how to care for your devices and batteries in the summer months, home or away, allowing you to still enjoy your holidays.
Avoid extreme temperature changes - The plastic outer shells of hearing aids can melt if directly exposed to intense sunlight for long periods of time or left in extreme heat, such as the inside of a car.
Just remember:
Don’t leave hearing aids or batteries lying in direct sunlight
 Don’t leave hearing aids or batteries locked in a glove box or exposed on your car’s dashboard 
 Don’t wear hearing aids in tanning booths or under a sunlamp
Do store hearing aid batteries in a cool, dry place
Do leave the battery door on your hearing aid open at night to let moisture escape and prevent corrosion
Water-proof and water-resistant are 2 different things - Your hearing aids may be water-resistant, but this doesn’t mean they can be submerged in the ocean or a pool. Water-resistant hearing aids will be fine if you’re perspiring in the summer sun. However, if you jump into a lake wearing them, water will get inside through the microphone or other vents, rendering them useless.
Top Tips:
Don’t wear non-waterproof hearing aids if you’re going swimming, speed boating or anywhere else the aid is likely to get drenched
Do make sure you know whether your hearing aids are waterproof or water-resistant – if in doubt, ask your audiologist
Do invest in a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier to avoid ear infections and component damage in non-waterproof hearing aids
Flying with hearing aids - Before you get on a plane, you should know that hearing aids sometimes set off metal detectors during security screenings. Don’t panic – let security staff know you wear a hearing aid and if necessary, remove it before passing through a body scanner. Most aids will pass through a scanner without any problems, but if you’re concerned about x-rays interfering with your device, your doctor can supply you with a letter stating the aids should not be scanned. Once you board your flight, you are permitted to use your hearing aids as they don’t emit signals like mobile phones and other electronic devices which might interfere with aircraft controls. So:
Don’t turn off your hearing aids during your flight, as you might miss important information shared by the pilot or flight attendants
Do feel free to wear hearing aids as you pass through airport body scanners or send them through the X-ray in your carry-on luggage
Do bring extra batteries or a charger in your hand luggage. Remember to store your batteries in a waterproof bag in case something else in your luggage leaks
Hit the road - Going on a day trip or a cross-country adventure? Save yourself time and worry by assembling a kit for your hearing aids well in advance. It can save you a lot of trouble.
Just remember:
Do bring extra batteries or a charger and remember to store your batteries in a waterproof bag in case something else in your luggage leaks
Do bring spare tubes and filters
Do pack a storage case for your hearing aid
Do ask your hearing aid provider if they provide ‘spare’ hearing aids on loan for the duration of your holiday
Keep it clean! - The humidity of the summer months promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi in your hearing aids, so it’s even more important during summer to regularly disinfect them with antimicrobial products.
Do try Rayovac hearing aid cleaning wipes to keep your aids clean and free of wax and debris while on the go
Do ask your audiologist about professional cleaning services in your area for when you return from vacation
Don’t go longer than a day without cleaning your hearing aids – particularly in hot climates
Hotel Happy - A hotel should be your home away from home for the duration of your stay, but they can also be stressful. If you’re staying in a hotel on holiday:
Do make sure to inform the hotel that you are hearing impaired, so that you can be given a room that meets your needs. Hotels are required to provide rooms accessible for those with hearing loss, so they are sure to get visual notifications for alarms, phones and doors
Don’t put your room key near your hearing aid – your aid can demagnetise the key leaving you locked out!
Whatever your plans this summer, have a great time! For more information about Rayovac, visit our website, like Rayovac on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

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