Hearings Dogs visit

Friday 14 October
Hearings Dogs visit

Deafinitely Girly - October 14 at 1:00 PM

Traditionally I usually write a Thankful Friday blog over at but today it's coming over here as well, because yesterday I had a brilliant day with Lisa from Hearing Times and the team at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People at their Buckinghamshire base – The Grange.

There will be a more detailed blog post to come next week but for now I am insanely thankful that this charity exists.

It has existed since 1982 and has changed so many people's lives since then. Seeing first hand all the work that goes on behind the scenes to get the pups ready to work left me in awe – and feeling completely inspired.

We met puppies who are just starting out on their training journey, dogs who live with their trainers and instead of being working Hearing Dogs, demonstrate the valuable job that Hearing Dogs do at events and on the Thursday tours at The Grange. And most amazingly, we also met recipient's dogs who are out there doing their work. 

I absolutely didn't have a little cry reading the success stories and absolutely didn't try to coax the littlest – a baby labrador called Delphi into my handbag.

If you're not familiar with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and the work that they do, have a read while eating your lunch – I sponsor a pup for just £3... I sponsor two actually. One with Hearing Times and one on my own. And yesterday, being able to see how my money is being spent, made me very thankful indeed. 

Happy weekend peeps.


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