Sunday 9 July

Rayovac - July 09 at 07:00

With today’s high performance hearing aids and sophisticated functionality front of mind, ‘Clear Sound Technology’ has been designed to meet the demands of the modern day hearing aid device, providing you with a consistent, quality performance throughout the entire life of the battery! Our continuous product innovation delivers technology driven products that helps you connect with the world around you.
- Long Lasting Performance
Longer battery life
- Power on Demand
Have energy when you need it – the advanced anode with new corrosion inhibitors provides a rapid response in all hearing situations.
- Reliability and Strength
An upgraded cathode provides high quality performance and consistency in all sound situations. Stainless Steel We use corrosion-resistant, stainless steel and pharmaceutical grade materials in the cathode construction.
- Improved Durability
By dispensing sealant where it matters most we can provide an advanced life both on shelf and in extreme conditions.
- Wireless Approved
Clear Sound Technology aids in seamless wireless and streaming functionality. Our new product design meets the demands of the latest ANSI/IEC testing protocols, developed to simulate today’s wireless and streaming requirements, ensuring continuous performance in all devices.

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