Press Office

Audiology Software Information Day

Announced by PC Werth

Wednesday 7 November

November 07 at 09:00

Software increasingly brings powerful, flexible solutions to hearing healthcare professionals as never before. However, for many, software can seem a daunting area to explore and conquer.

Recognising the need for a greater appreciation of software and the effective use of the best tools of the trade, PC Werth is pleased to announce software training days beginning in January 2013.

This course accompanies PC Werth’s range of practice management, diagnostic and rehabilitation solutions so focuses on software in the workplace, through hands-on training. Subjects include Quick-Sin/ BKB-Sin diagnostic tests and using ANL and LACE as routes to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction and business success. A final module introduces patient management systems.

Suitable for an initiation, understanding or confidence-boost using software, the course is bound to be engaging and highly useful for all audiology professionals, not least for CPD.

Register your interest at [email protected].