Thursday 07 July at 15:00

The National Deaf Children’s Society has helped BT to promote its Next Generation Text (NGT) app, which supports deaf people to communicate independently. Deaf young people from Blanche Neville School worked with the

Sunday 19 June at 00:00

The national deafblind charity, Sense, has produced an instructional video for sport coaches and instructors, aimed at giving them more confidence in working with people who are deafblind.
The four-minute video, which features sport instructors offering their top tips on making

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The first word spoken by a child is always eagerly anticipated, the first step in communication. There can be a slight competitive edge between parents over when their child takes their first step, says their first word or has their first smile.

I have been very careful to try and avoid this but I am afraid when my daughter signed

Researchers at the University of Essex have developed a free mobile app that turns an iPhone or iPod into a hearing aid that could revolutionise the future for people with hearing loss.

Unlike standard hearing aids that simply amplify all sounds, the BioAid app is inspired by biology and replicates the complexities of the human ear.

Friday 22 March 2013

A deaf child can be fun, caring & cheeky, just like any other child.

They all deserve an education & a future.

Sign the NDCS petition to protect their futures.

"Here at Fuel, we want to make work for everyone, and we have been working hard to make work for audiences with accessibility requirements. We’ve produced British Sign Language interpreted performances of productions, we’ve made large print versions of our season brochures and subtitled our very first film, Kursk, for BBC’s The Space.

Many of you will already be aware of the project about Deaf History in Scotland. So far, three DVDs have been produced using Lottery Heritage funds: Deaf People at War, Deaf People at Work and Deaf People on the Road.

Now DeafScotland turn their attention to Education and more specifically the experiences of those schooled in the

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Are you a giver-upper or a taker-upper or don’t you bother? Lots of my friends give up chocolate or cake for Lent but I like to take something up instead — I love cake too much!

Lent is the 40 days before Easter and many people use it as a time to give something up. But traditionally it is a time to focus on our spiritual

The lead architect behind the ground-breaking plans for Exeter’s new Deaf Academy has revealed the Design Team’s inspiration at an event at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

Professor Alex de Rijke, founding director of dRMM and Dean of Architecture at the Royal College of Art, explained how the award-winning architects use

Thursday 7 March 2013

A BSL report from the British Deaf Futsal 2013 competition from DSPY.

Appologies for lack of captions.

Parents Kevin and Jane tell us about life with their deafblind son, Gethin.

We did wonder when he was yonger, how they [our other two sons] would be bringing friends home from from school, but there’s never been any embarrassment because they come in and go "This is Gethin, hes deadblind but he’s amazing."

Sign the Stolen Futures petition today to protect the futures of thousands of deaf children.

The futures of thousands of deaf children are being put at risk by cuts to their essential services including educational support in the classroom, help from

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