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Conversor joins PM David Cameron in India

Conversor ALDs

Thursday 7 March

March 07 at 09:30

UK manufacturer of assistive technology for individuals with hearing and learning disabilities to launch new product on India market.

Conversor are part of a strong delegation of British businesses travelling with Prime Minister David Cameron from the UK to Mumbai and Delhi with representation from industry, education and culture.

The launch of Listenor Pro in India meets a requirement identified by Conversor last year for the development and manufacturer of an affordable complement to these systems which could be used by pupils both in school and at home.

Listenor Pro is an assistive listening device for the hard of hearing and will be introduced to deaf schools as a cost effective solution for children for use in the classroom and at home.

Listenor Pro is used with a directional microphone to focus on the teacher’s voice in a classroom and then amplify the sound. It can also be used to amplify the sound from landline or mobile telephones, computers, radios or other audio sources.

“This innovative product fills a gap in the market as a cost effective solution to assist student learning,” commented Jeremy Brassington, Managing Director of Conversor. “We look forward to helping India better equip their education systems for children with hearing loss and other disabilities.”

This is one of the largest trade delegations a Prime Minister has ever taken anywhere in the world, and the aim of the trip is to promote UK business and international trade.

David Cameron said, “Conversor is a great example of an innovative British SME successfully competing in the global race by securing new markets abroad. This new listening aid promises to make a real difference for deaf children in schools across India and is a good reminder of the education ties we share.”

Brassington noted, “This trip can only serve to strengthen the partnership between British businesses and Indian customer needs, we are here to demonstrate UK manufacturing’s steadfast commitment to improving education in India.”

Conversor currently supply assistive listening systems to deaf schools across India under a tender for the construction of new computer rooms in disability schools issued by ERNET, part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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