Dutch DJ creates extrasensory experience at concert for Deaf community

Tuesday 22 March

Martin Garrix recently staged a concert that turned the Dutch DJ’s music into an extrasensory experience for the dance-loving deaf community. For the performance, Garrix partnered with 7-Up to create “Music Lifts You Up,” with the resulting video from the gig premiering during Ultra Fest in Miami and on Crave Online.

“Motion, vibration, visual-wise… I got in this room and stepped on one of those vibrating platforms and played a note and I got scared. They gave me a backpack which vibrates the music, makes the vibrations stronger,” Garrix said of specially built venue for the unique performance. “For me, I’ve been thinking about which songs I should play, which songs I love that have the lower frequency, which songs have drive in it.”

“Music Lifts You Up” also features members of the deaf community detailing why music is important to them, even though they’ve lost the ability to hear. The video goes on to show how music can be transformed to strongly impact the other senses. “This is one of the best shows I ever did,” Garrix said after the concert.

Article source: Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone

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