Empowering deaf society receive £10k grant

Monday 16 September
Empowering deaf society receive £10k grant

September 16 at 08:00

The health of deaf people in Redbridge is set to be improved thanks to an almost £10,000 grant, which hopes to provide the important information that those with sufficient hearing may take for granted.

The Empowering Deaf Society, Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill, will offer health and wellbeing workshops delivered in British sign language after the Big Lottery Fund released £9,840 for the scheme.

Project manager Mangai Sutharsan said: “I am so relieved we have received funding for this project as it is helping to ease the gap in services as regards the health of deaf people.

“The information available to those whose primary language is through signing is insufficient, with 75 per cent of deaf people leaving school with a reading age of 12. Therefore understanding information, in regards to health, from things such as prescriptions and what is in the food they are eating, is very difficult.”

Ms Sutharsan added: “These workshops will allow us to deliver the important information.”

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