Exeter City FC’s pitch “now being used to grow crops” by Deaf Academy students

Friday 27 May
Exeter City FC's pitch “now being used to grow crops” by Deaf Academy students

May 27 at 12:30

A project to grow and sell fruit and vegetables has taken root at Exeter Deaf Academy thanks to Exeter City Football Club.

The Grecians have donated 40 tonnes of topsoil after pitch renovations at St James’s Park.

The topsoil is now being recycled and put to horticultural use in the school’s garden nursery for their new ‘Grow Make Sell’ social enterprise, which aims to provide work related learning and experience for students.

Exeter City’s estates manager Clive Pring said, “It’s great to know that the topsoil will not be going to waste, and that we are able to support such a worthy local charity. We look forward to receiving updates on how the project is progressing over time.”

Since the club delivered the huge pile of soil, it’s been a team effort for academy students to fill and plant up raised beds, containers and a poly-tunnel, providing an opportunity to contribute towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Exeter Deaf Academy teacher John Lilley said, “The donated soil from Exeter City Football Club has made a huge difference to us. It’s great to think a part of St James’s Park football pitch is now being used to grow crops.

“We have already been able to plant out our beds this year ready for sale of fruit and veg later this term.”

John added, “Any soil leftover will also allow us to expand our garden nursery even further next year. We also need to thank Mole Valley Farmers for donating pallets of compost too. We’ve had some fantastic support from the local community."

Article source: G. Richardson, Exeter Press and Echo

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