First international sign language application created

Wednesday 28 January

The JustIn Sign app is an educational app that teaches the international sign language in an easy and funny way. Its mission is to break communication barriers and connect the deaf community all over the world with a single language.

The app solves the problem that every single country and even a region within a country uses different signs. That’s why we further developed an international sign language that is based on the “Gestuno” system. The JustInSign project was managed under the supervision of people from the deaf community and met with great enthusiasm and positive feedback.

The goal of this project is to reach out to the hard of hearing and their loved ones, essential individuals in the sign language community. Most people do not know that a Deaf person from the USA cannot communicate with a Deaf person from Asia without first learning an entirely new sign language. This could all change with JustInSign.

The project is directed towards those who already use sign language on a daily basis, as well as those wishing to learn for their own benefit in everyday situations and on a professional level. The app itself is structured to teach several basic words and phrases during the first level, using real life situations, free of charge.

JustInSign is a one of a kind educational tool, using video to teach users up to 3,000 IS (International Signs) gestures they can use anywhere in the world. Gestures are taught throughout a series of levels and lessons, after which the user may test his or her skills with a quiz. Quiz results can be shared directly to Facebook, making JustInSign the connection between fun and education.

Sign language is a natural form of communication for the hard of hearing which, much like spoken language, has many languages and dialects. Sign language is not yet universal. Although some sign languages may use similar gestures, every national sign language has its own standard set of gestures as well as variations by region and school.

These regional and national sign languages are not a reliable tool for understanding during international events, thus an International Sign language was created. But not everybody has access to the educational material needed to learn IS. JustInSign was made to solve exactly this dilemma, connecting users on an international level at conferences, festivals, and more.
In order to create the app, select members of the deaf community from around the world came together to fine tune content, with financial support backed by Cinnamon Group.

JustInSign is available on the iOS platform and is available for free in the App Store. At this time, the app is optimized for iOS 8 on the iPhone 4s through iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as Apple tablets from the iPad 2 on. In the future we hope to release JustInSign for smartphones and tablets on the Android platform as well.

This unique project has the power to reach international results. We firmly believe that this modern approach to IS has the potential to be the difference in communication beyond borders, not only for the hard of hearing, but for anyone wishing to communicate on a professional level.

Thanks to the strong initiative of the Deaf community and the financial support of our investors, a promotional video cover and making-of video of Pharell’s hit song, Happy, was released using IS.

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The JustIn Sign app is an educational app that teaches the international sign language in an easy and funny