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Hearing Help lives up to its name

PC Werth

Thursday 20 September

Judo champion Jack Hodgson with Lorraine Tipler of Hearing HelpSeptember 20 at 09:30

Jack Hodgson’s sporting achievements in judo are made all the more remarkable because of Usher’s Syndrome, a relatively rare genetic disorder and a leading cause of deaf-blindness.  

Jack, who started judo at the age of six, said, “Ushers Syndrome for me means that I am profoundly deaf and have a degenerative eye condition. I currently have only ten degrees of central vision and no peripheral vision at all which, as you can imagine, is a bit of a challenge when it comes to judo.”

His existing hearing system was not coping well with all the demands being placed upon it, and his mum Nicky decided to seek out assistance. This led to Lincoln-based hearing care practice Hearing Help Ltd getting involved.

Hearing aid audiologist Lorraine Tipler at Hearing Help Ltd was determined to help Jack and his family. After attending a Widex event in Manchester, she outlined Jack’s situation to them with the aim of obtaining a joint sponsorship arrangement with Hearing Help Ltd.

In April Jack was fitted with the Super Power 440 BTE hearing system and has since complemented this with the new Comfort Audio DM10 and DH10 units from PC Werth. As the world’s first 100% digital FM system, the clarity of sound is unbeatable, allowing sounds from a greater distance to be directly streamed into Jack’s hearing system. The Comfort Audio Digisystem has proven it works well in loud environments and for rigorous outdoor activities. It is also particularly beneficial in the classroom where teachers have already commented how Jack’s communication skills have improved.

With on-going support from Hearing Help Ltd including hearing care and an irrigation package for the next five years, Jack is now all set to live his dream of competing at the Rio Paralympics in 2016. In preparation, he starts the Paralympics Inspiration Programme which includes five days of workshops for those planning to compete in Rio in 2016.

For more information on the Comfort Audio Digisystem call PC Werth on 020 8772 2700 or email at [email protected]