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Honeywell launches free guide to effective earplug selection and user safety


Tuesday 11 August

August 11 at 08:00

Honeywell has announced the availability of Fix-A-Fit, a comprehensive new guide to properly selecting, fitting and using industrial earplugs. The Fix-A-Fit guide is a free 12-page training resource that will help anyone responsible for safeguarding workers’ hearing against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) which, according to the World Health Organisation, could affect as many as 1.1 billion people under the age of 35 worldwide(1).

“Considering the popularity of earplugs as a form of hearing protection across many industries, it is surprising how many employers still believe that making two or three types of large earplugs available in different colours constitutes offering a variety of solutions,” said Brad Witt, director of hearing conservation at Honeywell Safety Products. “One size does not fit all however, and failure to ensure a proper fit will not only give the user a false sense of security, but seriously compromise low-frequency protection. This could leave them with potentially zero overall protection and therefore exposed to damaging noise levels.”

To help those responsible for health and safety address this issue, the Fix-A-Fit guide includes a sizing chart and recommendations about the range of earplug sizes and styles needed. Developed from research to identify the most common earplug fitting problems, the guide also provides advice on proper sizing and fitting techniques, and conveys valuable information about identifying and addressing the issues surrounding insufficient protection and eliminating earplug discomfort.

The guide can be downloaded free of charge from, and is also available as an interactive guide for tablets and mobile devices making it easy to use as a training aid for both new and established workers.