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HRH Prince Philip enjoys Christmas present of a hearing aid compatible mobile phone

M8000 Super Mobile Phone

Thursday 15 January

January 15 at 11:30 AM

Prince Philip, who was recently spotted wearing two hearing aids, recieved a Christmas present to improve the sound of mobile phone calls whilst wearing the hearing aids.

The new amplicomms M8000 Super Mobile Phone was sent by specialist internet company who have recieved word that the Prince is pleased with the phone.

Its Director Gary Hill said, “We wanted to offer our support to the Prince, hopefully with a gift that he would find really useful. We spoke to a representative of HRH Prince Philip who said that The Prince is very pleased with the M8000, and it is an improvement on anything else he has used in the recent past. 

"We’ve since sent a car charger and headphones that will help keep conversations private. We hope Prince Philip is benefiting from his new hearing aids. Too many people avoid wearing hearing aids, risking exclusion from so much happening around them.”

Few mobiles on the high street are hearing aid compatible, however the M8000 has one of the best compatibility ratings. Calls can be up to 80 times louder than regular phones with a powerful vibrating alert, and a ringtone that can sound as loud as a road drill! 

For people with hearing or vision loss, the M8000 is perfect with a Voice Assisted Operating system, a large keypad and screen, an emergency button and is very, very loud!

Founded in 2010, was set up to compete with High Street giants with prices to match by making Hearing Aids more affordable offering prices from £99.

The phone costs £99.99 and is available from