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IAC Acoustics and Diagnostic Instruments agree partnership

High quality audiology facilities

Thursday 27 February
IAC Acoustics and Diagnostic Instruments agree partnership

February 27 at 08:18

IAC Acoustics, the global engineered noise control solutions provider, and Diagnostic Instruments (DI), a market leader in the audiological instrumentation business, have announced a new partnership deal. This cooperation between the two companies ensures that customers will benefit from a larger product range and worldwide delivery. Over the course of the coming months the partnership will be rolled out globally.

The agreement will see the entire portfolio of sound proof cabins from IAC Acoustics integrated into Diagnostic Instruments’ product range, from small standard single occupancy cabins and booths to large bespoke rooms. Customers will be able to purchase high quality audiology facilities at competitive prices. Furthermore, they will benefit from short lead times for delivery from centrally located hubs.

Calum Forsyth, CEO of IAC Acoustics, said, “The IAC Acoustics and Diagnostic Instruments partnership is a breakthrough in acoustics and audiological technology. The brand equity created by two very recognised players in the industry joining forces will open up new markets for both parties by combining high quality products into a total solution concept for our respective customers.”