Launch of super power hearing solution

Thursday 16 October

ReSound launches the world’s only smart super power hearing solution expanding the possibilities to communicate and engage for people with severe and profound hearing loss.

Shortly after the successful launch of ReSound LiNX™, the world’s smartest hearing aid, ReSound launches ReSound ENZO, developed to take full advantage of ReSound’s unique and advanced technologies, so people with profound hearing loss can live richer, more active and fulfilling lives.

Powered by SmartRange™, the world’s fastest hearing aid chip platform, ReSound ENZO brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time. It’s the most powerful super power hearing aid on the market today offering 10% more headroom gain than the main competitors in the category. With top-rated sound quality from Surround Sound by ReSound™, dedicated super features like SoundShaper™ frequency compression, a durable design and more ways to connect to their world, it’s a hearing experience like no other.*

ReSound ENZO is not just the most powerful super power hearing aid on the market. It is also the smallest – and features iSolate nanotech™, an ultrathin polymer shield that protects against moisture, wax and dust.

People with severe and profound hearing loss often have difficulty using phones, being able to understand speech and enjoying sounds from other electronic devices like TVs and computers. Thanks to ReSound ENZO, wearers with super power needs can now stream stereo sound directly from their TV set or an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with no intermediate device (Made for iPhone), so the hearing aids function as if they were wireless stereo headphones.

Users can also personalize and control their settings using the free ReSound Smart™ app, which offers new and easy ways for ReSound ENZO wearers to personalize and control their hearing experience.

“The overall quality of the sound I receive and the dulling of background noise have completely transformed my hearing world. I couldn’t make a call for nine years – now I can.” said James Raath, Business Consultant, Hearing Link Volunteer and experienced super power user, who tested ReSound ENZO.

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