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Loud return of the flip phone


Friday 21 August

August 21 at 12:19

Whether you are a technophobe or enjoy retro classics, it seems more and more people are seeing the advantage of the old style flip phone.

The benefits are proving popular among the jet set such as Vogue Editor Anna Wintour who was spotted with a Flip phone last year; a long lasting battery life of up to 8 days, it is unlikely your phone will be stolen, the screen won’t be smashed if you drop it, its smaller and lighter than a Smartphone, and neither the phone or the contract cost the earth.

Some of the latest flip phones have large fonts and will super amplify ring tones and call reception.  The latest model from amplicomms, the M7000i can make calls 100 times louder than regular phones with clear sound, no distortion and a powerful vibrate, making it virtually impossible to miss a call.

For someone who wears hearing aids, the M7000i has a compatibility rating of M4/T4, the best there is and achieved by only a few mobiles.

Amplicomms European Sales Manager Ran Meyrav said, “Amplicomms has seen an increase in demand for this style of phone, particularly for people with hearing loss.  This demand reflects what has happened in Japan; during 2014 sales of the flip phone increased by 5.7 percent, whilst Smartphone sales have fallen for the second year running. We know this is partly due to their ageing population, and a preference for the easy to use style. However, for the younger generation, there is the appeal of a longer battery life and security of a protected screen.

“We’ve summarised everything required in a mobile for people with hearing difficulties and people who don’t want unnecessary technology and put it in one clamshell styled phone. The bigger buttons, large fonts, loud sound and simple to operate are all that is needed for a lot of people. With an estimated 10 million people in the UK experiencing some type of hearing problems, we are confident this will be a number one seller.”

The phone also has Bluetooth and Quad Band for worldwide use. It features an SOS button in case of emergency, its programmed to send a recorded message to five selected numbers.
The phone has an incredible standby time of 8 days and can be used continuously for up to seven hours before recharging and comes with a desktop charging cradle. The M7000i also has alarm clock, SMS facility, an LED torch, calendar and a calculator.

The M7000i comes in Grey and white.
£69.99 Available from  Tel: 0333 220 4023