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Mandy Harvey makes it through another round of America’s Got Talent

Deaf singer impresses judges again and draws Adele comparison from Simon Cowell

Thursday 14 September
Mandy Harvey makes it through another round of America's Got Talent

EditorSeptember 14 at 07:00

Singer Mandy Harvey has made quite the impact on America’s Got Talent – but she took it to another level in the semi-finals after introducing sign language into her performance. The 29-year-old previously won hearts on the show not only with her music but also her story of how she lost her hearing completely aged 18, and had to learn to sing. And with just one more performance between her and the final, Mandy not only treated judges and audience to another original composition, Release Me – and signed her way through the song.
All of which had such an impact on Simon Cowell – who chose her as his Golden Buzzer act earlier in the series – that he even compared Mandy to Adele – as he called her performance ‘breathtaking’. Deaf singer Mandy Harvey signs her way through America’s Got Talent semi-final performance Mandy won Adele comparisons from Simon Cowell. ‘That was incredible,’ Cowell told her. ‘The vocal, the song, the delivery, the performance was about as good as I’ve ever seen or heard on one of these shows. It was honestly breath-taking. He went on: ‘I’m gonna say this because I think other people are going to be thinking this: This reminds me of the first time I ever heard Adele sing, and I remember thinking, “This girl is gonna be a star.” And that’s exactly how I just felt.’ Meanwhile Howie Mandel added: When you’re singing and when we watch you perform, we kind of feel you and you move us emotionally, and you move us with the heart.’
Mandy admitted afterwards it was ‘an honour’ to be compared to Adele – although pointed out she had never had the opportunity to hear her sing. ‘It’s a difficult comparison for me but you can’t not know Adele – she’s Adele!’ the singer pointed out. ‘I hope that if she sees the video and hears me sing she’s not offended by that comparison.’ The America’s Got Talent final airs in the US on September 20, and the current series airs in the UK on TruTV on Tuesday nights at 8pm. Source:Metro News


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