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Rayovac’s new and improved implant battery helps cochlear users live life to the fullest


Wednesday 4 March

March 04 at 12:00 PM

Rayovac, manufacturers of hearing aid batteries, have launched a powerful new battery specifically designed with implant users in mind.

The new Rayovac Implant Pro+ battery is the manufacturer’s ‘best battery ever’, providing cochlear implant users with the power, performance, reliability and consistency they need to live their lives to the fullest.

After years of technological development and innovation, Rayovac Implant Pro+ offers users up to 30% more power in even the highest demand devices(1). This has been made possible thanks to the development of a unique new cathode design, which boosts the cell’s performance and reliability, combined with a new electrolyte formulation which offers increased conductivity for improved, high-power performance.

Glen Rutherford, General Manager at Rayovac, said, “At Rayovac we’ve been looking after the interests of the cochlear implant wearers for many years, providing audiologists with the very best products available, and ensuring their customers get the best performance they possibly can from their device.

“The Rayovac Implant Pro+ is one of a long line of innovative new products to come out of the purpose built Spectrum Brands Institute of Design & Technology which opened its doors at the end of 2013, and is already beginning to have a positive impact on our products and the market as a whole.

“We’ve been working closely with implant users to fine tune the Implant Pro+ and the feedback we’ve had has been great, ensuring that this is Rayovac’s best battery yet.”

The cochlear product will also feature improved consumer friendly packaging, with thicker card, a double dial to keep batteries secure in the pack, and a ratchet feature, all helping to make dispensing batteries easier for consumers.

Rayovac is so confident that the new Implant Pro+ is its best ever battery, the company is offering a free sample pack to hearing practitioners. Ask your sales manager for more details.

For more information about Rayovac, visit You can also find Rayovac on Facebook at or Twitter @HearwithRayovac

(1) Based on the 20ma test 2014