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Specsavers launches Hearing Check app

iOS or Android

Wednesday 27 January
Specsavers launches Hearing Check app

January 27 at 10:34

Specsavers Audiologists has launched a new app to help check your hearing.

The app, which is available to download for free on the App and Play store on iOS or Android devices, carries out a short check of approximately two minutes and provides an indication as to whether the user would benefit from a full, free hearing test at their local Specsavers Audiologists.

The app uses a speech in noise check to quickly indicate a level of hearing loss and can be carried out at home in a quiet environment. It requires the user to plug in a pair of headphones and plays a series of common sounds over background noises.

Audiologist and head of professional advancement at Specsavers Audiologists Nick Taylor, said, “The new Hearing Check app is a great way for people who are unsure whether they might have hearing loss to check for themselves in the comfort of their own home.

“The quick check takes less than five minutes and could act as the tipping point needed to encourage someone to book a hearing check with an audiologist. It’s also a useful tool for family members who may think their loved one is experiencing hearing loss.

“Not only does it check hearing, it allows you to find your nearest store, book an appointment online and offers information and advice about hearing loss.”

The user is asked to adjust the volume of the main sound to a comfortable level before moving onto the next stage in the check, which then plays a background noise before asking the user to readjust the volume. Two additional phases follow, before the user is given a recommendation dependent on their level of hearing loss.

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