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The new mega phone


Friday 1 April
The new mega phone

April 01 at 10:21

At 1000 times louder than standard phones, the new PowerTel 96 from amplicomms is being marketed as one of the loudest phones in the World.   

This latest corded phone is perfect for those with severe hearing loss due to the phones high amplification, impressive call sound quality, and hearing aid compatibility.

It has an adjustable ring tone that can be as loud as a pneumatic drill, an SOS button for emergencies and an output socket to connect a vibrating pillow pad to notify you of incoming calls during sleep.

With the ability to amplify calls to such a high level the PowerTel 96 is suitable for people with severe or profound hearing loss, and the feature of a premium T-coil coupler makes it ideal for use with hearing aids too. For people with dexterity problems or those enjoy multitasking whilst on the phone, there is the convenience of a powerful hands-free speakerphone too.

For emergencies there is an SOS button and two speed dial buttons for regular numbers.
The PowerTel 96 increases sound, improves clarity and cuts isolation.

RRP £79.99 Available at Amplifon stores throughout the UK & Ireland or visit

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