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TV listener review

Amplicomms TV2400

Monday 19 November
TV listener review

November 19 at 11:34

by Jean Davenport

Living with hearing loss & being technologically geeky means I keep learning new things every day. I have been using wireless TV listeners for many years, so that I can hear the TV at a louder volume than others. I had not realised my old listener works on Infra-Red transmission technology. This means I have to be at line of sight of my TV.

I have often hoped getting up to make a cup of tea wouldn’t mean I had to miss out on my favourite TV program. I simply did not realise that the solution is out there in the shape of radio TV listeners. Listeners operating on radio technology are able to transmit sound through walls allowing freedom of movement around the home without losing signal!

With that in mind I embarked on the hunt for a new radio TV listener. An interesting web search has lead me to the new amplicomms TV2400. Having had good past experience with amplicomms phones, I decided to give this new product a go. I bought it online feeling somewhat weary as the price tag seemed way lower than other similar Radio listeners on offer.

The amplicomms TV2400 is a completely wireless listening system for TV or other sound sources, for example, MP3/MP4 players, CD players or computers. Set-up was easy, even for me. I was listening to the TV within minutes. The user guide is clear large-printed with useful ‘IKEA-style’ sketches.

My first impression was excellent, built quality is superb; headset is light, with adjustable ear buds that really helps achieve best comfort. In the box there is a kit of different connections one of which easily fitted my TV sound output. It looks like amplicomms have included various connections suitable for different TV’s or other sound devices.

Not only can I wander around my house without losing sound, the quality itself is superb and very loud too. The stereo transmission is noticeable; there is no chirped or whistled sound at all, pure pleasing sound. 

If like me, you live in a mixed hearing family this product can help you. It allows the listener to hear at their own preferred volume level while others in the room listen to the TV as normal. Apart from the loud volume booster there is also tone control which really helps hearing high frequency sounds (S, F, H).

The product comes with two rechargeable batteries one powers the headset, the other charges simultaneously in the base. I have tested a full continuous circle operating time of five hours per battery.

Unique central button on the headset mutes the TV and activates a sensitive built in microphone. I found this very useful, I often feel awkward watching TV without being able to communicate or hear what others in the room say. This function works seamlessly, a truly wonderful invention by amplicomms showing that someone had put a lot of thought behind this product to tackle a real-life issue we have as hearing impaired.

There is also an external microphone supplied in the box. I have not tested it but I suppose it can be useful in case you want to use this product in other situations such as offices, meetings, schools, lectures, or if you have an old TV without modern connections then you could simply hook the microphone onto the TV speakers.

Amplicomms also include a spare pair of rubber ear pads in a smaller size.

Under £100 the TV2400 is good value for money. If like me you struggle to hear your TV, and want a product that allows free movement around your home while hearing others in the room with you the amplicomms TV2400 might be for you.

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Anna Cazabon, Friday 25 January

I am definitely going to try this product. I cannot watch t.v without subtitles and find it very frustrating that I miss out on a lot of programmes. Thank you for your in depth review Anna